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Goshen Adult Leader Update #2

Hello Goshen Unit Coordinators!


Phil Barbash here. Thanks again for joining us this summer! Just wanted to drop by with a few things to note:


1.       Our 2017 Goshen Leaders Guide is now online on the “Prepare for Camp” page of Please have yourselves and the parents that are joining us this summer read through this document as it will answer many of their questions.

2.       The deadline to submit Camperships is rapidly approaching. To get priority on a campership application, it needs to be submitted by February 1. This can all be done online by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page at

3.       If you have youth that have sold enough popcorn to receive a scholarship to camp, please DO NOT PAY FOR THEM BEFOREHAND. We will be sending out the codes to input into the system shortly so that the discount will be applied. Same goes for Camperships, in that if a youth is applying for a campership DO NOT PAY FOR THAT YOUTH BEFORE HE/SHE HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR A CAMPERSHIP.

4.       The additional fees for Shotgun, ATV, etc. are now listed on the “Register” page of the website for your budget planning purposes, however we do not have the Merit Badge registration feature of the Registration Portal activated yet. It will be active shortly and I will let you know as soon as it is.

5.       Please do not forget that there is an additional form that now needs to be attached to the BSA Medical form. It is a health advisory form and it is on the “Prepare for Camp” page of our website.

6.       Take a look at your individual Camp’s website (Bowman, Marriott, Ross, etc.) as it has information to contact that camp’s director and updated program schedules for the coming summer.



As always, please let me know if you have any questions. I’m already pumped for Summer 2017, our 50th Anniversary!

Goshen Adult Leader Update #1

Hello All!


First off, thank you so much for coming to Goshen this last summer, and all you did to support the youth that attended. Overall, we had a fantastic summer and made a positive influence on over 4700 youth, as well as about 1800 adults throughout the course of the summer. Believe it or not, it’s already time to start looking forward to the summer of 2017! I am pleased to announce that Registration for Goshen will open on October 1st! A couple of things to note:


  1. The fees for next year are exactly the same as this year. For youth, $360 at early bird rate, $400 regular, $440 at camp. Adults are $225, $265, and $305 respectively.  No increase! Same policy of two free leaders per unit, regardless of size.
  2. At this point, you are only reserving a spot for your unit to attend during a given week. You do not need to know who is attending beyond the one youth that you are using to reserve your spot. If you do not know who that youth is yet, you can enter any name and go back later and change the name. Cost to reserve your spot is still the price of one youth at the early bird rate. Keep in mind, this is a non-refundable cost, though it can be credited towards any other youth, if a youth drops out.
  3. As always, please select one individual in your unit to serve as the Goshen Registrar, and have that person read through the instructions on our registration page here: Quick url is: Keep in mind, there is no username/password. It is simply an email and a number that you will be given once you make your deposit.  


Let me or Calicoe know if you have any questions whatsoever and let’s have another amazing camping season in 2017! Happy 50th birthday Goshen!