Goshen Leader Update #5

Hello Goshen Leaders!

A couple more updates for ya!

  1. We have one final adult leader orientation meeting tomorrow night at 7PM at Andrew Chapel-1301 Trap Road in Vienna, VA. THIS IS FOR NEW ADULTS ONLY. IF YOU HAVE BEEN TO GOSHEN BEFORE, YOU NEED NOT ATTEND. We will cover a couple general Goshen things, and then have breakouts by camp for a Q and A session. If you’re someone that likes to have us in front of you so you can fire away questions, this is a good opportunity for that. If not, these are optional so no need to attend. Because the nature of the meeting is so question oriented, there will not be a call in option but please feel free to shoot us your questions as you have them.
  2. Hats are here! As a refresher, any youth or adult who signs up by the early bird deadline will receive a hat. If you ordered the personalized embroidered hats, those will be available upon your arrival at camp. If not, those hats will be available at both of the aforementioned adult meetings, as well as at our office Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. If our office is inconvenient for you, you can arrange with your district executive or another volunteer to pick up the hats and bring them to you. Also, we have added a hat pickup location at Camp William B. Snyder-6100 Antioch Road in Haymarket, VA. Hats can be picked up at this location from 10AM-3PM Monday-Friday.
  3. We still need 18+ and 21+ year old staff! Apply here if interested: https://www.gotogoshen.org/information/goshen-staff/
  4. As always, you can find past Goshen Leader Updates and other announcements on our website here: www.gotogoshen.org/information/latest-news/.

See you all this summer!