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Goshen Leader Update #2

Hello Goshen Leaders!   Phil Barbash here, your friendly neighborhood Goshen Director. I wanted to drop you a note with a couple of quick reminders:   Our early bird payment deadline is right around the corner. As of 11:59PM on April 12th, all youth will be charged $415 and all adults will be charged $265. […]

Goshen Leader Update #2

Happy New Year Goshen Leaders!   Phil Barbash here. Just wanted to drop you all a note and give you a couple of updates. I’ll do my best to be brief, a trait I’ve never been accused of having:   We currently have 145 units signed up to attend Goshen Scout Reservation in some capacity. […]

Goshen Adult Leader Update #4

Hello Goshen Leaders!   I promise this note to be briefer than two weeks ago. If you are brand new and did not receive my note two weeks ago, please let me know and I will forward:   1.       Please do keep in mind that every single youth and adult that pays by the early […]

Goshen Adult Leader Update #3

Hello Goshen Leaders!   Phil Barbash here again. And thanks again to those that are joining us for the first time who have recently made their deposit. A couple of quick updates:   We are piloting a new STEM Program to run out of Camp Olmsted this summer! It will be run during Week 3 […]

Goshen Adult Leader Update #2

Hello Goshen Unit Coordinators!   Phil Barbash here. Thanks again for joining us this summer! Just wanted to drop by with a few things to note:   1.       Our 2017 Goshen Leaders Guide is now online on the “Prepare for Camp” page of gotogoshen.org. Please have yourselves and the parents that are joining us this […]

Goshen Adult Leader Update #1

Hello All!   First off, thank you so much for coming to Goshen this last summer, and all you did to support the youth that attended. Overall, we had a fantastic summer and made a positive influence on over 4700 youth, as well as about 1800 adults throughout the course of the summer. Believe it […]