Goshen Leader Update #2

Hello Goshen Leaders!


Phil Barbash here, your friendly neighborhood Goshen Director. I wanted to drop you a note with a couple of quick reminders:


  1. Our early bird payment deadline is right around the corner. As of 11:59PM on April 12th, all youth will be charged $415 and all adults will be charged $265. Please make every effort to register your participants well before this deadline so as to avoid the additional charge.
  2. Every youth and adult that registers by the early bird deadline will receive a hat! You have the option to embroider that hat with your unit number and hometown if you’d like for an additional charge. Please note that after the early bird deadline passes, the custom embroidery will no longer be an option. Also, should you choose to have your hats embroidered, they will be delivered straight to camp and you will pick them up upon arrival at camp.
  3. If you have youth that received a popcorn voucher or a campership, please make every effort to get those youth registered before the early bird deadline.
  4. Please remember that every unit receives two free adults, regardless of size. Those adults will be subtracted out of your balance before you complete your registration. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR THEM UP FRONT.
  5. If you have adults that are splitting the week, please register them as one adult. We have a post on this on our website along with other posts with registration tips, like how to log back into your registration and how to add campers. You can find them here: www.gotogoshen.org/information/latest-news/.
  6. Please note that our refund policy is as follows here: www.gotogoshen.org/refund. As far as these things go, we are pretty strict on this one as it does add up to a lot of administrative costs on our end to process refunds. Please be sure you are sure that a youth or adult is attending before you register him/her. Also, please note that if for whatever reason someone is unable to attend, you can swap that person out for someone else by simply changing the name in your registration.
  7.  The 2019 Goshen Leader & Parents Guide is now available online. You can find a copy in the Forms & Downloads page, www.gotogoshen.org/information/forms-downloads/, or in the Downloads section of your camp’s page.
  8. For those of you at a Scouts BSA Camp, the updated 2019 Merit Badge Prerequisites list will be available next week in the Downloads section, so be on the lookout for that!


As always, all of the previous emails I have sent out are here if you need them: www.gotogoshen.org/information/latest-news/. Thanks to all and please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email with any questions you may have!