Goshen Leader Update #2

Happy New Year Goshen Leaders!


Phil Barbash here. Just wanted to drop you all a note and give you a couple of updates. I’ll do my best to be brief, a trait I’ve never been accused of having:


  1. We currently have 145 units signed up to attend Goshen Scout Reservation in some capacity. This is a 25% increase year over year which is great! It does however, mean that if you know of units that have not yet made their deposit, they should do so quickly. Camp PMI can no longer take new reservations during weeks 1 or 3, and Ross is getting close on Week 1. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE YOUR DEPOSIT, YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT IT. There will be room for your youth/adults that has already been allotted.
  2. For those youth that need a little extra financial assistance with their camp registration, we do have camperships available for in council units only. It is an online form that is located here: https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/registration/. The deadline to have these submitted is February 1. I have already seen a few of them come through.
  3. For those of you who have youth that may be looking for a second week at camp, please do keep in mind that we have a few specialty programs that may be a good option for them. Trail to Eagle at Camp Marriott Week 6 has plenty of openings for those youth who want to be on the fast track to Eagle. It is all provisional which means you DON’T NEED TO SEND ADULTS. Of course, provisionals are welcome to attend Camp Marriott any week and will follow the normal schedule. We also have 2 co-ed, STEM weeks. The first of those is for Webelos only and is during Week 3 at Camp Olmsted. The second is for Boy Scouts only is and is during Week 6 at Camp Olmsted. Boy Scouts attend provisionally, Webelos do not. All youth will have the opportunity to build their own Quadcopter to take home with them. More information is available here: https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/camps-programs/stem-challenges/.
  4. Speaking of Co-Ed, we will be offering our Family Scouting program this year at our TWO WEBELOS CAMPS ONLY. For those packs that are attending, feel free to register female youth for Goshen, provided they are registered in the BSA. This will not yet apply to our regular Boy Scout merit badge program.
  5. Our med form for Goshen is located here: https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/information/forms-downloads/. Please keep in mind that it has an additional page in comparison to the national BSA med form that needs to be signed by a parent/guardian or adult participant. It does NOT need to be signed by a physician.
  6. We are still looking for staff to join the amazing team at Goshen! If you know of anyone who has the summer off (I think we all do) and is at least 14 years of age, they can apply here: https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/information/goshen-staff/. We will be hosting interviews this coming Saturday and next Saturday in our office from noon to 3. We will contact you after your submission to schedule an interview. Salary is commensurate with age and experience.
  7. Finally, we have opened registration for BOTH of our family camps. That’s right, we have 2 this year! One will be during Memorial Day Weekend and the other during Labor Day Weekend. More information is available here: https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/events/family-camp/.


Well…I tried to be brief. Too much fun for that going on at Goshen! As always, please feel free to shoot me an email with any questions you may have. Happy New Year!