News for Camp Bowman.

Need Merit Badge Records?

Need a copy of your Scouts’ Merit Badge records from this summer? It’s all on your summer camp registration!

If you need help accessing your summer camp registration, please see our previous post on the topic.

Once you’re in your registration, go to Reports.

On the reports screen, you’ll find a number of helpful reports. Unit Advancement Detail is a general overview, which has a summary of all requirements completed and the date of completion with one page per Scout.

If you would like to print your own Blue Cards, you can do so, either on plain white paper, blue card stock, or the official Blue Cards you buy from your Scout Shop. The cards will print complete with requirements completed and Merit Badge Counselor information. For completed Merit Badges, it will also include a system supplied signature and the completion date.

Need to put your Scouts into your Troops advancement tracking system? The software we use creates reports for both Scoutbook and Troopmaster.

Signing Up for Shooting Sports at Bowman

Confused about how to sign up for Shooting Sports badges? Morning sessions are optional, but highly encouraged. Scouts signed up for the afternoon sessions (Part II) are automatically signed up for the corresponding morning session (Part I).

We’ve added a note to the Program Schedule as well. Got more questions? Check out the details in the program schedule in the Bowman specific downloads section.