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Goshen Leader Update #4

Hello Goshen Leaders! Phil Barbash here, dropping in for a few reminders: If you are new to these emails, welcome! All of my previous emails can be found here: https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/information/latest-news/. Please do take a second and see if there was something that you missed Please remember that every youth and adult must have a med […]

Learn More About Bowman Vets

Bowman Vets is Bowman’s program for Older Scouts. Information on the program has been posted in our Forms & Downloads section. Get the details on the program and check out the frequently asked questions for answers to common queries.

New Contact Information

The contact information for Camp Ross’s Camp Director has been updated. To stay connected to Camp Ross and make sure you have the correct contact information, be sure to check out the Contact Us section on the Camp Ross page.

Goshen Leader Update #3

Hello Goshen Leaders!   A couple of quick updates from your friendly neighborhood Goshen Director:   First off, we have a new Camping Assistant! Her name is Sarah Moses, which will be a familiar face for those of you who have been coming to Goshen for a little while now. She will be helping out […]