Family Camp – Memorial Day Weekend Update

Hello All!

Phil Barbash here. Hope all is well and I did want to check in with a couple of announcements and reminders for the upcoming weekend:

  1. Check in begins Friday at 5PM. Simply take a left in past the Olmsted sign, and we will have someone waiting to greet you. We will have toilet paper and trash bags available. There will be someone there until about 10PM, after which you can check yourselves in. Campsites are strictly first come, first served. We will direct you to where the least amount of people have camped out as your arrive.
  2. I will have copies available of the Program Schedule, Camp Olmsted Map, and Check out Procedures at check in. They are also attached to this email, in case you would like to print them out beforehand.
  3. There will be a truck parked in the main parking lot. Please bring your trash after every meal and throw it in the bed of the truck.
  4. If there are any emergencies during the course of the weekend, my cell number is 202-253-6323. Please feel free to call and I will send our on-site EMT.
  5. It is looking like we may not have the giant swing open at COPE due to lack of qualified staffing. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  6. For the closing campfire, please meet at the Trading Post, rather than the Campfire area itself. This is an all family run campfire, and the sign up to do a skit/song/cheer is in the Trading Post.

Keep in mind this event is bring your own tent, food, and cooking equipment. Please let me know if there are any questions and thank you for coming down to join us!


Get the Camp Olmsted Map, Family Camp FAQ, and the Program Schedule.