Goshen Leader Update #6

Hello All Goshen Leaders,

Thank you for bearing with us through the early bird deadline. It was a busy week but I think we’re pretty much clear! A couple quick updates for all of you:

  1. We will have one more new adult leader orientation meeting this coming Wednesday, the 25th. It is located at 1301 Trap Road in Vienna, VA and will begin at 7PM. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS ONLY THIS ONE MEETING IN VIENNA ON WEDNESDAY, AND NO MEETING IN BETHESDA. This was my mistake in my wording last time I made the announcement. If you have already attended the first meeting, you need not attend this one and this meeting is for BRAND NEW ADULTS ONLY. It is mostly an open forum to get questions answered. If you have answers to all of your questions already, no need to attend, unless you want to pick up your hats.
  2. Speaking of hats, they are here! Feel free to stop by our office at 9190 Rockville Pike Bethesda, MD during normal business hours (9-5) to pick up your hats for every youth and adult that paid at the early bird deadline. If you paid additional money to have your hats embroidered, those will be available for you upon arrival at camp. If the office is not do-able, feel free to coordinate with your district executive to pick them up and meet you at roundtable or another closer area. We will not be mailing hats.
  3. Please do keep in mind that all adults that are coming to camp for 72 hours or more do need to be registered in the BSA with youth protection training.
  4. Our Leaders Guide for Goshen is posted here: https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/information/forms-downloads/ as well as lots of other exciting forms. Keep in mind, each camp also has their own leader guide and forms unique to that camp.
  5. There are still opportunities for those youth at the Boy Scout level who are unable to come with their troop or are itching for a second week at camp to participate in any of our provisional programs (that means no adults required!). Check them out online at http://gotogoshen.wpengine.com.
  6. Finally, Memorial Day Family Camp weekend is right around the corner! Register today!

As always, all of my previous emails are posted here: https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/information/latest-news/. Please check them out if you are new and need some questions answered. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Let the countdown begin!