What are the payment options?

You’ve added your campers. You’ve entered in any splitting (half week) adults.

If you’re still stuck on those steps, check out our previous posts about adding campers and splitting adults.

Now you’re ready to make a payment. First, go to Check Out and review your information. When you’re ready, click on the green Check Out button at the bottom.

You’ll be asked to check your billing information. Please make sure your billing information matches the information for the billing method you’re using. Also, be sure you’ve read the council policies (which includes the Refund Policy).

Next, you’ll be asked to choose a payment option.

Option 1: E-Check (EFT)

The E-Check option is an electronic funds transfer (EFT).

If you have a check from your unit, rather than mailing it, you can enter it into this section.

Option 2: Credit Card

Please keep in mind that credit card payments have a 3% convenience fee.