Taking the Goshen Bus?

The Goshen Bus is a great way to get to camp! If you stumbled upon this post and you want to know more about the Goshen Bus and transportation options to the camps at Goshen Scout Reservation, check out our Transportation page under Information.

Bus Tickets can be purchased by the unit’s registration contact. Parent/guardians, please contact your Summer Camp Registrar – the person in charge of signing of your unit’s summer camp registration – to purchase bus tickets. If your scout is attending as part of the Provisional Camp program, this person may be you!

Bus Tickets for Summer 2023 will go on sale on May 1, 2023.

First, start by getting back into your unit’s registration. You can learn how to do that in our Registration Tips post.

Once you are logged into your registration, make sure you are on the Participants tab.

Click on Update Information under a camper to purchase a bus ticket.

In the modal that appears, you will see a section about bus tickets near the bottom. If you don’t see this section, bus tickets are not yet for sale. Be sure to check the Transportation page or the top of this post for the date bus tickets go on sale.

Select the bus location.

Note: The Largo stop may be canceled on the Wednesday prior to the week if there are not enough riders signed up for the upcoming week.

Once you have selected your bus location, the charges will be added to your registration. Proceed to the Payment tab to make your payment. Payments need to be made no later than 9am on the Wednesday prior to your arrival at camp.

Bus Reminders

Please keep this information in mind if you plan to ride the Goshen Bus!

    • All tickets are roundtrip and must be purchased in advance – by 9am on Wednesday prior to your arrival at camp.
    • Bus tickets can be used interchangeably between campers on your unit’s registration. We only record how many seats to reserve for your unit. Rosters are not necessary.
    • Bus tickets do not sell out. We order buses to meet demand.
    • Units taking the bus need to send at least 1 adult for supervision of their scouts. In accordance with Youth Protection Guidelines, if there are female youth, at least 1 adult from the unit needs to also be female.
    • Scouts attending the Provisional Camp program are an exception and are not expected to provide an adult to ride on the bus.