Goshen Scout Reservation Update #10

Hello Goshen Leaders!

Phil Barbash here! I hope everyone is  doing well and staying safe. I just wanted to check in to follow up with two things:

  1. We’ve updated the pages for the NCAC Homecamping. Just in case you weren’t aware, we’ve got an exciting alternative program planned with both an option for online advancement AND an option to camp with your family at one of our camp properties. You can learn more at http://www.gotogoshen.org. Each of your respective programs will have the program schedule and an FAQ document listed at the bottom. Please let me know if you have additional questions.
  2. We are continuing to work through refunds. If you have not yet requested, you can still request here:  https://www.gotogoshen.org/general/ncac-summer-camp-2020-update/. As of June 30th, any refunds not requested will be presumed rollovers to 2021.

Thanks and please reach out with any questions you may have!