Homecamping Program Updates

As we’re developing this program for the first time, we had some last minute changes to the program schedules. Please be sure to check out the latest versions in your program’s downloads section.

For the Webelos, we’ve added in the Project Family adventure and the At Home Scavenger Hunt. Project Family takes the place of Monday’s 9am Into the Wild session and Friday’s 2pm Into the Woods session. At Home Scavenger Hunt takes the place of Tuesday’s 2:55pm Aquanaut and Thursday’s 2pm Webelos Walkabout.

For Scouts BSA, Geocaching now takes the place of Leatherwork at 9am and Oceanography now takes the place of Pioneering at 2pm.

We’ve also added a list of descriptions, prerequisites, and materials for the Scouts BSA program. For requirements that cannot be completed at home or during instruction, we’re working on ways for Scouts to get requirements checked off that they may accomplish out in the woods during their Family Camp weekend. More information to come!

There are no prerequisites for the Webelos programs, but we’ll be posting a guide shortly with activity descriptions, adventure requirements covered, and materials.