Goshen 2019 Leader Update #1

Hello Goshen Leaders!

Phil Barbash here, your director of Goshen Scout Reservation. I’ll be blasting out emails to all of the unit contacts at least once a month, and then sometimes more frequently as camp gets closer. I’ll have updates, changes, reminders, and most of the things that you’ll want to keep at the forefront of your brain, but always feel free to email me or visit http://www.gotogoshen.org for more information. Here are a couple of quick updates:

  1. For anyone applying for a campership, the deadline is approaching quickly. The application is online and the deadline is February 1. Please let Sarah know if there are any questions
  2. For those youth that have earned a free week of camp through their popcorn sales, popcorn voucher codes will be distributed in early February. Please do NOT pay for youth before you have received the voucher code. Once you pay, you will be subject to our normal refund policy.
  3. Merit badge registration will be going live on January 28th. Please keep in mind this is NOT a fastest finger game. We use the registration system to allocate resources on our end, but NONE OF YOUR SCOUTS ARE PLACED IN MERIT BADGE CLASSES BASED ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. For merit badges with limited space requirements, all youth are placed on a waiting list, and then prioritized by age, and then rank. A youth MUST be paid in full before he/she registers for merit badges.
  4. We still have plenty of openings for staff at Goshen this summer. If you know of any scouts that might not have something to do during the summer and are looking for the best job in the world, they can apply here: https://www.gotogoshen.org/information/goshen-staff/. We offer room and board, as well as a competitive summer stipend.
  5. As you continue to register youth to attend camp, please make sure you have thoroughly read through the page here: http://register.gotogoshen.org. It has a lot of helpful information that you don’t want to miss.
  6. Finally, Scouts (not Webelos) are welcome to attend camp provisionally (no adults needed) at Camp Marriott any week of the summer. For those Scouts who are looking for an extra week at camp, can’t attend the week the rest of the week is attending, or are just looking to get the Goshen experience, see here: https://www.gotogoshen.org/camps-programs/provisional-camp/.

Again, welcome to the Goshen family! You and your scouts will have a GREAT time at camp this summer. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!