What’s in store in 2024?

As we do every summer, we have updated our program schedule. Some badges have been rotated out and some badges have been rotated in.

In response to requests for more Open Swim and Open Boating time, we have added a section at 11am – during the same block as Open Shoot at Shooting Sports. Now you can go splash in the lake and boat around during blocks 3, 5, and 6 and in the evening!

There are also some fun new Merit Badges – some of which longtime Camp Olmsted fans may have seen in past summers and some of which are entirely new to Camp Olmsted.

Check out the full list of new for 2024 badges and activities below and be sure to check out the full program schedule in the Downloads section to start picking out your favorites for the summer!

New Culture Craft Badges


New Ecology Badges

Fish & Wildlife Management

New Handicraft Badges

Model Design & Building

New Scoutcraft Badges

Search & Rescue

New Tech Center Badges & Activities

Research time (during Open Program)