What’s in store in 2024?

As we do every summer, we have updated our program schedule – rotating out less popular badges and rotating in new ones.

We have a few notable changes for the upcoming summer.

  • As requested, we have added more free swim times in the afternoon and evening to give everyone a chance to splash in the lake.
  • Due to lack of attendance at the 11am free shoot sessions and the need for more routine maintenance time on the firearms, bows, and arrows, the 9am sections for Shooting Sports have slid forward to 10am and 9am is now dedicated equipment maintenance time. Feel free to stop by and fletch a few arrows or chat with the staff (as long as you don’t distract them!)
  • We’re trying something a little different with Archery’s format. Rather than having two sections for two hours each, like the other Shooting Sports badges, we’re going down to four different sections, each at one hour blocks with smaller class sizes.
  • Based on how some badges went this summer, we’re changing a few class lengths. Pioneering is going back to a 2 hour block and Automotive Maintenance is decreasing to a 1 hour block. Metalwork needed a little more time, and will be increasing to hour and a half blocks.

Get the full list of new for 2024 badges and activities below and be sure to download the full program schedule and New Scout Quest schedule in the Downloads section to start planning your summer!

New Ecology Merit Badges

Fish & Wildlife Management
Nuclear Science
Pulp & Paper

New Scoutcraft Merit Badges

Exploration (previously offered at Ecology)
Fire Safety

New Merit Badges at The Guild