If you have a current registration for Summer 2020, you’ll want to have a quick look at these two software updates from our registration system.


Free Adult Selection

You can now select which of your adults gets the Free Adult discount. This can be found both on the Registration Contact Page and the Checkout Page by clicking the magnifying glass next to the Free Leader Discount.

This tool is for your convenience. For our purposes at camp, it does not matter to us who your free adults are or how your unit internally distributes adult costs.

Confirmation Email Links Updated

This update mainly affects those that use confirmation email links to access their registration. Due to a system update, the registration URLs have a new format. When you re-access your registration, you will get a message letting you know that a new link will be sent to the email associated with your registration. Please use this new link to re-access your registration in the future.

If you usually access your registration by logging into your Account or by using the Lookup Registration feature, there is no change to your process.