Goshen Scout Reservation Leader Update – 04/01/2021

Hello Goshen leaders!

Phil Barbash here, with Goshen Scout Reservation. A couple of updates for this summer:

  1. We have the last installment in our series of webinars tonight at 6PM EST. This was the webinar on Scouts BSA camp that was originally postponed. We will run through some of the changes as it relates to pandemic protocols, and also highlight some of the programs going on in our camps this summer. You can register here: https://ncacbsa-org.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_K297JI5zTrOSqIcHr9mpVw?fbclid=IwAR0Q1ZHhDgVTU_Z0Whn6_Sq3wh3FYRQx93ZPr0WPCPCrL6jP617c2Ckn03Y
  2. If you missed our previous webinars on Cub Scout and High Adventure camps, you can watch recordings and download slides both on our website and on the Scouter’s Digest. Cub Scouts here: https://weownadventure.com/lets-get-camping-webinar-series-cub-scouts-go-to-camp/ and High Adventure here: https://weownadventure.com/lets-get-camping-webinar-series-high-adventure-at-summer-camp/
  3. Our early bird payment deadline is right around the corner! Please ensure that you sign up all of your youth by 11:59PM on April 16th to avoid the added $40 fee.
  4. If you are wondering how to sign up your campers, be sure to check out our blog post: www.gotogoshen.org/registration/registration-tips-how-to-add-more-campers/
  5. Need information on how to register adults splitting the week? We have a blog post for that, too: www.gotogoshen.org/registration/registration-tips-splitting-adults/
  6. Merit badge registration will go live on April 16th at 9am. Schedules are available online for each individual camp at www.gotogoshen.org. Tune into the webinar tomorrow to get details on how program is going to work and some basics about sign ups.
  7. You can also continue to find updated information about our pandemic protocols here: www.gotogoshen.org/coronavirus
  8. Lastly, we do still have funds available for camperships. Applications can be found here: www.gotogoshen.org/camperships

Its getting close to camp. I can taste it! Take care and please do reach out with any questions.