Goshen Leader Update #3

Hello Goshen Leaders!


A couple of quick updates from your friendly neighborhood Goshen Director:


  1. First off, we have a new Camping Assistant! Her name is Sarah Moses, which will be a familiar face for those of you who have been coming to Goshen for a little while now. She will be helping out with the administrative end of Goshen, as Calicoe has now moved on into the world of raising her newborn. Please welcome her to the team!
  2. For the Boy Scout leaders, AS OF MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH AT NOON, MERIT BADGE REGISTRATION WILL BE LIVE IN YOUR REGISTRATION PORTAL. Please do keep in mind that we are not a “first come first served” system with Merit Badges, so it’s not a game of fastest finger. For the few badges that we have that do have space limitations, they are prioritized by age, and then by rank. For all of the rest, we will make room for your scouts. To register, simply click on the scout’s name in your registration, scroll down, and create his class schedule. Please keep in mind that a scout must be paid in full to register for merit badges.
  3. Most of our website at http://gotogoshen.wpengine.com has been updated to include Program Schedules, Leader Guides, etc. Please peruse the website when you have a chance so that you can obtain all of the information that pertains to you.
  4. Please do not forget about Family Camp Memorial Day Weekend! If you have families that do not have plans during the last weekend in May, come on out and see Goshen. Registration is live, and we are excited for this brand new event. Registration is also live for our traditional Labor Day Weekend Family Camp event as well. More information can be found here: https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/events/family-camp/.
  5. The deadline to apply for Camperships has now passed. However, if you submitted applications after the 1st, or have yet to submit applications please continue to do so. They will be prioritized by those that were received before the deadline first, but we will continue to allot funds as we have them.
  6. If you notice something is incomplete with your registration now, it is because we have now added a field for gender, such that we can plan accordingly for family scouting. Please do fill this out for each scout/adult.
  7. Please do obtain the BSA med form from our website only, as it is the one that has our additional disclosure insert. It is located here:  https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/information/forms-downloads/.
  8. If you have Boy Scouts who are interested in a second week or cannot go the same week as the rest of the troop, please do not forget about our provisional STEM program here: https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/camps-programs/stem-challenges/ , or other provisional opportunities here:  https://gotogoshen.wpengine.com/camps-programs/provisional-camp/.


As always, thank you for all that you do and please do not hesitate to let Sarah or myself know if there are questions.