Goshen Bus Update

A Quick Update!

As we’re still finalizing some of the details for the Goshen Bus, we have delayed the sale of tickets for the 2022 Goshen Bus. We are committed to running the bus for this summer, but we want to be perfectly confident in all the details with regards to the bus before we begin collecting payments. Tickets will be available for purchase starting April 25 at 9am.

Worried about the bus selling out? Don’t be. We order buses based on the number of tickets that are purchased.

Bus tickets can be traditionally be purchased up until 4 days before your arrival at camp, but we recommend purchasing them no later than a week out.

How do you sign up for bus tickets? Bus tickets can be purchased through the online portal in an individual’s information – the same place you would select classes, enter emergency contact information, or notate any allergies or dietary concerns.

Learn more about the Goshen Bus on the Transportation page.