2024 Updates: Internet

Fiberoptic Internet is Coming to the Goshen Scout Reservation!

You heard that right! The Goshen Scout Reservation will begin updating its Internet Services in Spring 2024. Internet updates will be taking place over two phases:

Phase One: Fiberoptic installed at Camps Ross, Baird (Lenhok’sin High Adventure), and Marriott

This spring, fiberoptic internet will be installed at Camp Ross, Camp Baird, and Camp Marriott in collaboration with BARC Connections. Wi-Fi will be available at the Admin Building, Leader Lounge, and Dining Hall (Ross only) for participant use.

Phase Two: Fiberoptic internet installed at Camps Olmsted, Bowman, and Post

National Capital Area Council and Goshen Scout Reservation are exploring several options to expand internet services to Camp Olmsted, Camp Bowman, and Camp Post for the near future. Verizon Wi-Fi Hotspots will still be available at the Admin Buildings and Leader Lounges for Summer 2024.

Why are we installing fiberoptic? Not only will fiberoptic improve internet services for Camp Staff and Administration, it will also allow for many adult leaders who need to stay in contact with their workplace to do so while they’re at camp. Although we will still encourage summer camp being an “unplugged” experience, we’re looking forward to continuing to improve Goshen operations, facilities, and program offerings.