New at Bowman in 2024!

What’s in store in 2024?

At long last, we have the 2024 Program Schedule. As we do every year to keep it fresh, we’ve made some changes.

Below are the notable changes:

  • Culture Craft and Handicraft are back! After the two merged to create the fusion area Candicraft in last year, both will be returning to their normal separate forms. Find Culture Craft down the path to Aquatics!
  • Evening program is introducing Guided Activities. Look forward to fun and interesting activities in the program areas with something new each evening. Culture Craft and Handicraft may have left their daytime fusion form behind, but the evening is the time for inspiration! Be on the lookout for cool collaborations between different combinations of program areas in addition to area specific events and activities.
  • First Aid now appears under Scoutcraft on the schedule, but will still be taught at the Admin building.
  • Open Program now has a separate section. Find your favorites like Free Swim, Open Boating, Open Shoot, Instruction Swim, and the Mile Swim prep under this new section!
  • We’ve added sections of Lifesaving, Welding, Chess, and Free Swim.

Get the full list of new for 2024 badges and activities below and be sure to download the full program schedule, Bowman Brigade schedule, and other handy documents in the Downloads section to start planning your summer!

New Culture Craft Merit Badges & Activities

Game Design (previously offered at Handicraft)
Bowman History Badge (Thursday only)

New Handicraft Merit Badges


New Nature Merit Badges

Reptile & Amphibian Study

New Scoutcraft Merit Badges