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Get Ready for Sign Ups

Merit Badge Sign Ups are just around the corner, on March 16, 2020 beginning at 9am. Check out our updated How to Guide for Merit Badge Sign Ups!

As of 2020, our classes with limited class size will be largely switching to first come, first served sign ups. The exception to this is Camp Bowman’s Water Sports class, which will still be a waitlist only class where the final class list will be selected a week or two before camp based on age and rank.

Don’t panic!

Only a select few classes have limited class size, based on equipment. All other classes have no set cap. We’ll use the signups to determine how to allocate instructors for these classes. If you have Scouts that want to sign up for a class with a limited size, we encourage you to have them registered and ready to sign up for classes by March 16th. For Scouts that are interested in classes that are not size-limited, please feel free to sign them up for badges and programs at any time between March 16th and when you Troop arrives at camp!

Get the How To Guide

You can find a copy of the guide both in your camp’s Downloads section as well as on our general Forms & Downloads page.