Patrick O’Connor

This is Pat’s 2nd summer as Camp Director and 11th summer on Reservation as staff. All at PMI. He came first as a camper in 2003 and began on staff as a Counselor-in-Training in 2008. Since then he’s held a number of different positions around camp. He achieved Eagle Scout in 2012 and has been an active member of the Order of the Arrow, where he served as Lodge Chief and was also a recipient of the Servant Leadership and Founder’s Awards.

What year on camp staff will this be for you?
This will be my 11th summer.

What is your favorite song, skit, and/or cheer?
Favorite song – Goshen Jack. Favorite skit – King and Queen. Favorite Cheer – PMI CHEER!

What is your favorite camp memory?
My favorite memory is hard to choose. There have been a lot of them. Most of the good ones involve lighting a fire in the rain for kids during tinfoil dinner nights.

What do you do in the off-season?
This year during the off-season, I am working as a forklift operator in a cold storage facility and part-time mechanic.

What is your favorite thing to do at Goshen?
That’s another tough question to answer. There are a lot of fun and great things to do! I’d say my favorite thing would be helping the younger scouts and even staff learn valuable lessons and prepare them for life.

What makes Camp PMI special to you?
PMI is special to me because it was there when 9 year old me got my first real experience of what Scouting is all about. Also the people, from the staff to the campers. They are what truly make any camp special.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?
I am looking forward to seeing all the campers learning new things and having fun. I’m also looking forward to seeing what new ideas we can bring to PMI for this summer and the future.