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There are some last minute changes to the Camp Marriott Program Schedule. Be sure to get the latest version as you plan your daily schedule for your week at camp!

Below is a summary of the changes:


  • Open Boating was added for Evening Program.

Eagle’s Eyrie

  • Archaeology has moved back to its previous home, Ecology.
  • Salesmanship/Entrepreneurship combined Merit Badges will take the 4pm block spot.
  • Check out the new Goshen History time in the Evening. Listen to stories and learn about the history of Goshen and Camp Marriott!


  • Archaeology will be at 11am.
  • Geology, which was previously filling that spot, is going to be combined into Geology/Mining in Society at 4pm.


  • Pioneering (10am) was shortened to 1 block (was previously 2 blocks).
  • Radio/Signs, Signals, & Codes was added at 11am.