Schedules are available!

Week 6 is Specialty Week, where we modify our program schedule to offer our Specialty program, Trail to Eagle. We offer all the same Merit Badges and programs that we do the rest of the summer, in addition to ones we only offer this week, like Citizenship in the Community.

Check out the packet for daily schedules, activity schedules, the day and evening program schedule, and the New Scout Quest schedule. The packet also includes a special pullout Trail to Eagle schedule, for our list of Eagle-required Merit Badges and elective Merit Badges we recommend for older Scouts and for well-rounded Eagles.

For your convenience!

We’ve pulled out the Trail to Eagle schedule into a separate document for your convenience.

Trail to Eagle participants are able to sign up for Merit Badges in the listed overall Specialty Week program schedule, in the packet above. This schedule contains Eagle-required Merit Badges and elective Merit Badges we recommend.

Download the 2018 Trail to Eagle Program Schedule