News for Camp Olmsted

Need Merit Badge Records?

Need a copy of your Scouts’ Merit Badge records from this summer? It’s all on your summer camp registration!

If you need help accessing your summer camp registration, please see our previous post on the topic.

Once you’re in your registration, go to Reports.

On the reports screen, you’ll find a number of helpful reports. Unit Advancement Detail is a general overview, which has a summary of all requirements completed and the date of completion with one page per Scout.

If you would like to print your own Blue Cards, you can do so, either on plain white paper, blue card stock, or the official Blue Cards you buy from your Scout Shop. The cards will print complete with requirements completed and Merit Badge Counselor information. For completed Merit Badges, it will also include a system supplied signature and the completion date.

Need to put your Scouts into your Troops advancement tracking system? The software we use creates reports for both Scoutbook and Troopmaster.

Camp Marriott Trail to Eagle: Some Quick Changes

Good evening!

We are so excited to see everyone in just a few short weeks!  We do have a change to our original schedule held at Marriott:

We are excited to host our Trail to Eagle program at Camp Olmsted this year!  We made this decision due to a lower attendance than expected to allow us to offer the best program possible. This will not affect your scouts much, just in the geographical location and dining option. With this change does come some changes to scheduling, however, as the Olmsted schedule will have an extra period in the afternoon (more badges!) and a wider variety of badges. Attached is the new program schedule for the week- any popular or Eagle required merit badges not already taught at Olmsted are taught at Eagle’s Eyrie, which will be a new area. Your scouts registration will be moved to Camp Olmsted by us on the backend,  and once that happens you will be able to register your scout for new badges. Alternatively, if you would like we can work with your scout once they arrive to create a schedule with them. We understand that this is an inconvenience, and want to thank you for your patience and flexibility in advance. We truly think this will end up being a better fit for your scouts for program- please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have!

Along with moving our program across the lake this summer, we understand that there could be some confusion on pick up and drop off.  Instead of coming to Camp Marriott, we ask that all of our parents drop their scouts off at Camp Olmsted.  Our staff will be there to settle your scouts into their site and get them oriented.

If there are any further questions, please feel free to email or call the camp at (540) 784-9298 We are so looking forward to having your scout and want to offer the best possible program to them!


Lauren Brown
Camp Director, Camp Marriott
Goshen Scout Reservation

ATV Update

After the success of our pilot morning ATV program last summer, we’ve made it a full program offering. Now, there are two opportunities to take part in the ATV program – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. For more information on the Goshen ATV program, look in the For Older Scouts program information on the page for your camp.