News for Camp Marriott.

Provisional Camp and Specialty Week Updates

It’s Patrol Cooking!

Provisional Camp has really taken off! In light of the increasing numbers, we’re ramping up the Provisional Camp program. Each week at Camp Marriott, we’ll have at least one Provisional Unit with our very own Provisional Scoutmaster. As we get more organized, we’re also moving to offering all Patrol Cooking for Provisional Camp. New to cooking? No worries. The site staff will be there to help you out as you utilize the Patrol Method and practice your life skills.

Specialty Week, Week 6, will also be all Patrol Cooking, to complement our feature program for that week – Trail to Eagle.

Adult Leader Training Information

Looking for training for yourself or other adult leaders attending summer camp? Check out your camp’s program section for information on what’s offered, how to sign up, and where to go to find more information.

Goshen Leader Update #1-Summer of 2018 Registration Open

Hello Goshen Leaders!

I did want to drop you a quick note and let you know that we will be opening registration for Goshen Scout Reservation summer of 2018 at 9AM on October 2nd, 2017. We will use the same deposit as last year, which is the full cost of one youth to attend. That price will once again be $360 (same as the last two years!). That cost is non-refundable, but will be applied towards one of the youth that you are bringing to camp. As is the case last year, please please please make every effort to get your deposit in for the week that you want to attend. Some weeks become much more popular than others and we don’t want to turn anyone away from their chosen week! Once your deposit is made, your spot is secure and you can continue to add as many youth as/adults you want. For information on fees, our  schedule, and anything else you may have questions on, please feel free to visit Also, feel free to follow us on Facebook at “Goshen Scout Reservation”. Thanks a lot and feel free to shoot me an email with any questions you may have!

Philip Barbash
Camping Director-Goshen Scout Reservation